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Our Tax Services are designed to make things easy for you, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and maximum tax savings.

You benefit from cost-effectiveness and flexibility allowing you to focus on your personal life or business while we handle your tax matters.

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Want to increase your profits and take home more money? Start here.

Bookkeeping stress? Not any more.

You can access your ready-to-use and easy-to-understand financial data from anywhere at any time.



Our support for QuickBooks®  is available to help you get the most out of this valuable financial tool.

With our virtual support, you’ll get expert advice to help you increase revenue AND profits while saving money too.

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About Us

We are your money’s best friend.

Welcome to Labrador Bookkeeping and Tax, your trusted source for Tax and Bookkeeping Services.

At Labrador we focus on the tax and bookkeeping needs of individuals and small business owners.

With over 20 years of broad business experience, I am uniquely suited and committed to delivering results that will delight you!

I am Belinda, company founder, mom, outdoor enthusiast, lover of books, and of course a numbers nerd. I loved my childhood on the farm and the life lessons that serve me so well today. In college, I completed my undergrad work and later an MBA. There was even a time when I taught accounting.

After climbing the proverbial ladder, I knew what I wanted most was to be unfettered in helping others master their finances and give them a boost up in the pursuit of personal and business success.

When I’m away from my desk, I love things that start with ‘L’ including Labradors, laughing, lemons, and pie. Okay, so pie doesn’t start with ‘L’, but I still love pie. Life, taxes, and all things bookkeeping can be frustrating. My #1 goal is to lower your stress, make your days easier, increase the money available to you, and help you live the life you dream.

Belinda Mikel MBA