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Belinda Mikel, MBA

Founder | Owner

Hi! I’m Belinda and I’ve been a business guru since I was a little but very inquisitive curly haired girl growing up on a farm.

I’m an MBA grad who has partnered with businesses from small start-ups to the Fortune 10 executive suite.

Mom is me and I do love things that start with “L”. Labradors, learning, leading, lemons, pie and numbers. OK, pie doesn’t start with an L but I do still love pie. And numbers, well – it is what it is…I find them fun, interesting and so very helpful when needed.

On workdays you will find me chatting with clients, clicking on the keyboard, and maybe drinking a cuppa (or two).

On days off…I’ll never tell (well, maybe I will when you are a client too!), but it will probably be outside if I get to choose.