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Safeguarding Your Legal Success, One Entry at a Time
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specifically for the unique needs of a law firm

Your #1 overarching goal is to spend your time and focus on the practice of law, ensuring the
success of the firm today and guaranteeing the sustainability of the business for the future.

It should not be worrying about everyday bookkeeping matters.

As a managing partner/owner, your firm has complex and specific accounting needs.
It isn’t unusual in the early days to get by with one staff member answering phones, scheduling clients, managing your payables and receivables plus everything else related to operations, bookkeeping and more.

But, if you are growing or want to grow and sustain that growth without working yourself into an early grave, you need to invest in hiring specialist who understand the unique needs of a law firm. And, you need someone who will communicate with you and keep you informed.

Who am I

We are your money’s best friend.

Welcome to Labrador Bookkeeping and Tax, your trusted source for Tax and Bookkeeping Services.

With over 20 years of deep and broad experience working with individuals, small businesses, and corporate giants, I am uniquely suited and committed to delivering results that will delight you! 

I am Belinda, company founder, mom, outdoor enthusiast, lover of books, and of course a numbers nerd. I loved my childhood on the farm and the life lessons that serve me so well today. In college, I completed my undergrad work and later an MBA. There was even a time when I actually taught accounting.

After climbing the proverbial ladder, I knew what I wanted most was to be unfettered in helping others master their finances and give them a boost up in the pursuit of personal and business success.

When I’m away from my desk, I love things that start with ‘L’ including Labradors, laughing, lemons, and pie. Okay, so the pie doesn’t start with ‘L’, but I still love pie. Life, taxes, and all things bookkeeping can be frustrating. My #1 goal is to lower your stress, make your days easier, increase the money available to you, and help you live the life you dream.

Belinda Mikel MBA

How Can We Help You?

Exceptional Bookkeeping Services

Trust Account Compliance

Safeguarding Your Legal Success, One Entry at a Time

Your license to practice is priceless. Don’t risk it because your firm fails to meet your state’s trust accounting requirements. We understand the importance of accurate reporting and reconciliation to ensure your accounts balance and help make your practice audit-proof.

Bookkeeping +

We turn legal complexity into financial clarity.

Like all business owners, you really do need to invest in a great bookkeeper. But as a law firm owner, you should also insist on someone who specializes in the legal industry. We can help you increase your profit, identify ways to shorten WIP time, speed up billing, and make sure your clients find it fast and easy to pay.

Operations Design

Proper workflows combined with class leading software will save you time, money and sleep.

We will help make sure technology works for you – not against you. It should never slow you down and in 2024 your technology should always be able to deliver your numbers for you anywhere at any time.

Year-Round Tax Support

Let us take the work and worry out of tax season and beyond.

For a brighter financial future…