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What’s yours?

… Do you own a small business and need better bookkeeping? Wait until you experience the difference an exceptional bookkeeper can make in your business and life.

… Are you interested in increasing your revenue, lowering your expenses & keeping more profit in your pocket? Let us show you how at a fraction of the cost of an employee.

… Hungry for more? Wouldn’t you love to focus your time growing your business AND still have rock solid financial information in real time to make real decisions for real growth? All good business owners know every minute they spend in the bookkeeping is a minute that should have been dedicated to something else. Hire us and we monitor, crunch and interpret the money moving in and out of your business for you. You will get more value than you ever pay for including less stress and more time.

… our exceptional bookkeeping will also help with tax preparation and planning throughout the year. Your strategy will be stronger, your growth supported and you won’t break a sweat at tax time. Sound good? Schedule a brief introductory call below.

Animal & Human Health

We value the work you do as a veterinarian, chiropractor, counselor and more. If you are a solo practitioner or owner of a small practice, we will help you stay on track to reach your goals while breathing a little easier along the way.
You want to increase your revenue, minimize expenses, lower taxes, and optimize operations to grow your profit at the end of the day. That’s a lot of balls to keep track of. Let’s be honest here – if you are trying to juggle all the balls you are doing a disservice to yourself, the practice and probably your employees if you have any.
We will ensure you get more time to spend in your true area of expertise and maybe even a little more time for relaxation too + have amazing insight into your business, where the money is coming from, where it’s going to and where to improve.
This really matters when you are in a profession caring daily for others’ lives. You can’t afford to be cheap here. Do it for yourself.


Oh yeah! Our days at Labrador simply wouldn’t happen if not for the expertise of tech visionairies.
If you own a tech consulting or development company, but feel left out in the cold when it comes to your business bookkeeping, finances and tax, we can help.
With Labrador on your team, you will have important information at your fingertips to understand what projects are more profitable than others, how labor costs are impacting your margins, what you should do not to prep for future investment interests and more.
So many questions. So little time. You are smart enough to know your time shouldn’t be in the books. But, ours should. Reach out and see if Labrador could possibly be the new best friend you have been looking for.

+ Small Business Tax Prep Too!

…focused on lowering your taxes.

We will help you prepare and file your taxes with three goals in mind:

  1. Reduce your taxes
  2. Do #1 while also minimizing risk in an audit
  3. Planning for your tomorrows

We can combine your monthly bookkeeping and tax services under one roof.

If you are interested, we can consider allocating a portion of your tax prep and filing fees into your monthly costs throughout the year.