Tax Services

Taxes won’t
make you cry

With a good friend by your side.

… we understand you don’t want to give Uncle Sam any more money than you absolutely have to

… we know you want to minimize your individual and business tax burden

… you want someone to listen, understand your situation, and help you find opportunities to save money

… you want someone who will keep you informed so you are never surprised

… you want someone who remembers you 365 days a year, not just one season


we do your taxes

As an individual, a family, or a business you are unique and so are your tax needs. Our services are tailored to your situation at this time in your life or stage in business. While helping you now, we will also help you plan for the future. We will point out ways you could save more of your hard-earned $’s using tax planning and strategy if you want to.



Tax & Bookkeeping

go it alone

You definitely can! We can recommend services such as TurboTax and other software for DIY. However, if you have any complexity at all in your situation, we do recommend having a tax expert as a friend by your side. Still wanna go it alone? Look for the links under the RESOURCE tab on this site.

save money & time

Let us help you. We prepare and e-file for you. Labrador Bookkeeping & Tax specializes in individual, schedule c, sole proprietor, single-member llc and single-member llc taxed as scorp tax filings.

contact us

eMail:   hello@labradorbookkeeping.com
Phone:  512-588-4018

annual filing season participant

Labrador Bookkeeping and Tax LLC participates in and abides by all IRS regulations duly noted in the Annual Filing Season Participant Program. We exceed all continuing education requirements to participate in this program and for the annual renewal of PTINs and EFINs.


…focused on lowering your taxes.

We will help you prepare and file your taxes with three goals in mind:

  1. Reduce your taxes
  2. Do #1 while also minimizing risk in an audit
  3. Planning for your tomorrows

We can combine your monthly bookkeeping and tax services under one roof.

If you are interested, we can consider allocating a portion of your tax prep and filing fees into your monthly costs throughout the year.